Marketing Tips for Small Architecture Firms

08 Jan

As a small architectural firm, you probably have a small budget for marketing just like the others. That means you have to be strategic about it to attract new work. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to make this possible, even for free.

Social Media

Social media is something most architects have been quite slow in adopting, even if it offers huge possibilities in terms of netting clients. Social media is far from a fad. It's a place where people connect and talk about their lives. There are social media sites dedicated to architects and clients/potential clients; Facebook, which is for everyone; and more. The idea is to listen and be part of the conversation. Click this link!


If there's one thing you have to invest in as an architect, regardless of your budget, it's a professionally designed website. It plays a key role in your branding. Most importantly, it must be a website created with your clients in mind. In fact, everything you do contributes to your brand, from your website to your office and even your car. At the end of the day, you should build a brand people can trust.


Networking is no different from planting seeds - you'll never know which ones are going to sprout and bear you a new client, directly or through a connection. So go around and spread the good news about what you do, but be sure to keep it authentic, click here to get started!


One of the cheapest yet most effective ways to market your architectural firm is sending out regular newsletters through email, both to your existing and potential clients. This will keep you top of mind whenever someone in your circle needs an architect.


These days, there's lots of technology at your disposal, not only to make you work more efficiently, but also to help you manage your client's expectations. For example, with 3D visualization and modeling tools, you and your client can see what the building is going to cost or look like before the space plan is completed.


Online marketing is low-cost and effective, and so are other offline strategies. One basic example is involvement in community groups. Look for a group that aligns with your target market, or with people who can connect you with your target market. Join an animal rights organization, for instance, so you can meet potential vet clinic clients or pet lovers who may be planning to remodel their homes or build new ones.

Satisfied Clients

Finally, make sure your existing clients are happy so they will talk about you in all the positive ways. Remember that word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool you can use. Clients speaking well of you, is marketing. Know more facts about marketing at

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